Name: Jessica Noor

IG account: @vegiqueen

Bio: I’m a lifelong Minnesotan with a serious love for food and the beautiful Duluth outdoors! When I’m not in my kitchen making delicious vegan dishes, I’m ou’t and a’bout around Duluth searching for my next culinary adventure, finding fresh food at local markets, discovering new flavors for my home brewed kombucha or scoping out the perfect places to eat among the hilltops.

Favorite place to eat: Chester Creek Cafe, hands down.

Favorite place to shop AND drink: The Snooty Fox Tea Shop – and if tattoos constitute as shopping – Benchmark Tattoo. 8th Street and 19th Avenue East is my favorite corner in town!

Favorite Duluth activity: Hiking on the Superior Hiking Trail – Lincoln Park is my favorite place to start!

Photos taken with: iPhone

lake_superior_jessica_noor lake_superior_duluth_jessica_noor lake_superior_jessica_noor_duluth_mn