Name: Christopher Paris

IG account: @ChristopherParisArt

Bio: I was born and raised Minnesotan. I learned to respect and love the outdoors in my childhood and that has helped to shape who I am and what I like to photograph. I studied photography at Anoka-Ramsey Community College and the University of North Texas. I am currently a photographer and stay at home dad living in Denfeld. It was a dream come true when my wife and I were able to move to Duluth last fall and we are loving that we live in such a wonderful city. My photographs try to capture the magic of the Northwoods in a light different than we are used to seeing. My work can be viewed on Instagram, Facebook and my website.

Favorite place to eat: The Duluth Grill has delicious food and the ingredients are organic as well as locally sourced.

Favorite places to shop: It is far too hard to choose one Duluth shop! I love heading to Frost River, and Bent Paddle across the street, in my neighborhood to browse. Legacy Toys and Little Neetchers is always a fun time to browse with my son and wife. It is always a treat to walk around Trail Fitters for more camping and hiking supplies.

Favorite Duluth activity: Hiking! With so many trails in the city you almost don’t have to leave (though it is worth heading North anytime I can still). The Superior Hiking Trail sections offer many beautiful overlooks and peaceful strolls along creeks. Congdon Park and the trails along Tischer Creek are some of my favorite anytime of year.

Favorite time of the day to shoot: Well I have a one year old son….so my time is often limited to when I can get out with him. Mostly we hike in the early afternoon and that is when I do most of my shooting. Fortunately I mainly use an infrared converted camera and the bright afternoon light is actually best for that! I do love to get out in the evenings and shoot as the sun begins to fall behind the hill when I can as well.

Favorite season in Duluth: I would say they all have their good and bad. If I had to pick just one it would be spring. Getting on the trails before the mosquitos are too bad and seeing all of the undergrowth coming in beneath the groves of pine trees in the late morning light is magical. Winter has a serene quality when you are out in the woods and there is not a footprint to be seen. Fall, who doesn’t love the autumn colors. The rainbow of colors in the trees on the Chester Creek trail is something every Duluthian should see.

Photographs taken with: I shoot with a few different cameras. My most used is my Nikon D200 which is converted to shoot infrared photographs. The colors created in the foliage with infrared cameras is something magical that adds to the mysticism of the Northwoods. I also shoot on a Nikon D700 and who doesn’t shoot with their phone (mine is an iPhone 5c).