Name: Reggie Asplund

IG: @reggieasplund

Bio: Originally from the Twin Cities, I moved to Duluth in 2013 and have fallen in love with the North Shore. Recently out of college and starting my own letterpress studio in conjunction with work at The Kenspeckle Letterpress and dabbling in photography as well.

Favorite Place to Eat: Northern Waters or The Duluth Grill.

Favorite Place to Drink: Amity Coffee, The Snooty Fox, and Vikre Distillery

Favorite Duluth activity: Anything outdoors is a fantastic treat as we have an abundance of trails and parks everywhere, skiing, hiking and biking are particular favorites of mine.

Favorite time of day to shoot: Great Lakes Aurora Hunters really fueled my night photography, but Superior provides such a wide range of good times: sunrises over the lake to unpolluted views of the aurora and stars at night. I’ll take anything and everything in between.

Favorite season in Duluth: I’ll continue the passive responses with an ‘all of it’ here. Absolutely stunning winters, raging streams in spring, perfect weather in the summer, and more fall colors than anyone could ask for, what’s not to like about Duluth?

Photos taken with: Nikon D610, D5100, or my phone. Occasionally the 35mm gets to see the day light.interstatesparksasplund_bridge_night_photography_fire_reggie_asplundbridgefromiceasplund_liftbridge_duluth_lake_superior_reggie_asplund