Name: Chadwick Edward

IG account: @chdmyr

Bio: When I was ten years old, my grandmother was very sick. Bringing her to the hospital was my first introduction to Duluth as a child. Driving over the bridges and overpasses, below the tall buildings and through the fog, Duluth had always felt like a magical place. The real shame is that it took me until March of 2015 to move to this great city by the lake. I spend most my days exploring new neighborhoods and trails with my partner Melissa and my two wonderful children, baking and making coffee at Pelican Coffee in Hermantown, and taking photos of my friends doing stuff.

Favorite place to eat: That’s a toss up between India Palace and Pizza Luce

Favorite place to shop: Duluth Kitchen Store, one cannot own too many springform pans.

Favorite Duluth activity: Agate hunting, hiking, and wearing flannel.

Favorite time of day to shoot: All times, whenever there is something that catches my eye.

Favorite season in Duluth: Autumn

Photos taken with: An iPhone, A beat up hand-me-down Nikon D3100 with a 35mm lens, and sometimes a Canon Rangefinder.

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