Name: Alyssa Hei

IG account: @youreseethrough

Bio: I grew up alongside strong minded people who used each day as an opportunity to teach me new things about living outside, & choosing to live life simply.  I spend my days hiking the Superior Hiking Trail with my best friend & partner Chris, exploring the Boundary Waters, & camping as much as possible in my favorite snowy season – the colder the better, which means less people for us introverted souls!  Besides hiking you can find me at home reading in my hammock, pulling an endless cycle of weeds in my gardens, cuddling my two rescue pit pups & two kitties, & blasting tunes on my record player.

Favorite place to eat: Duluth Grill, Thirsty Pagan, Clyde, Gannucci’s Italian Market, Amity Coffee, Gordy’s Hi-Hat, Northern Waters Smokehaus, Great Lakes Candy Kitchen in Knife River (ok…it’s a candy store, but who hasn’t ruined supper with one too many candies??)

Favorite place to shop: Fitgers Complex, Duluth Pack, Electric Fetus, Medium Control, DeWitt-Seitz Building, One of the many art studios in Duluth.  Duluth can often be thought of as only a tourist destination, but there are a lot of local shops run by local people that truly show off what living in this part of the state is all about.

Favorite Duluth activity: Hiking the Superior Hiking Trail (I’d like to do the whole thing in one go in the next year or so).  Camping anywhere up the shore – set up a tent & I’ll be there.  Hunting for rocks on the shores of Lake Superior.  Walking the boardwalk with my pups.  Watching the sunset at Stoney Point.  Canoeing on a totally smooth lake.  Walking on a frozen Lake Superior after a harsh winter.  Finding my own empty beach to lie on in the summertime.  Skiing at Spirit or Lutsen after a big snowfall.

Favorite time of day to shoot: Sunrise or Sunset on the Lake, or a really moody day with crazy weather (we’re known to have just a few of those days around here…)

Favorite season in Duluth: Flannel season – fall followed by a ridiculously snowy & cold winter.

Photos taken with: An iPhone & the very occasional Nikon D5100 – I’m usually more about the hike than the photo.  Just less to carry!

Bean & Bear Butters Staring Out_Alyssa Hei-1024

Brighton Sunrise Hiker and his Dog 2 Overlooking Bean and Bear Lakes_Alyssa Hei-0188 Steep Mount Trudee Overlook 2 on the SHT_Alyssa Hei-0271 Superior Hiking Trail Overlook in Fall 2_Alyssa Hei-6092  Brighton Beach