Jon Schelander

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After being born in WA, growing up all over the east coast, and traveling to a handful of countries, I am blown away by how quickly Duluth has come to feel like home. I moved to Duluth in April 2015, and it has captured my heart and imagination. Even though I’m super fresh, I can already tell that this is my soul-city.

I love being in the kitchen, and I especially enjoy experimenting with baking. I’ve been working on developing a number of brew cakes (cakes with beer) and I update The Brew Cakery with the successful ones. I also love taking advantage of all the wonderful outdoor opportunities around me, especially hiking and camping with my trusty Nikon. While I can be neglectful for periods of time, I try to keep This Patchwork Life up-to-date with posts and photos from my excursions and general life experiences.

There’s a lot that I like do, and I share most of what I’m up to on Instagram!

Favorite place to eat:
There’s a lot of great food, but I’m a sucker for Sir Ben’s. Not only do they have some wonderful sandwiches and dips, but I love the atmosphere, the view of the lake, and—of course—the beer selection.

Favorite place to shop:
I’m the manager of the Duluth Kitchen Co. in the Fitger’s building, so I’m not sure I’m allowed to choose it as a favorite (I love to bake!). I have recently experienced for the first time the joy that is Duluth Pack, and I know I’ll be making many returns for their fantastic, quality products.

Favorite Duluth activity:
I love hiking all the trails. There’s so much beauty to experience along the lake, by the streams, and in the forests. I never feel more at peace than when I’m out on a trail.

Favorite time of day to shoot:
Evening for those nice golden tones, but I also really like sunny middays when photographing the lake to get that brilliant blue.

Favorite season in Duluth:
Having just finished my first full year in Duluth, I’d have to choose autumn. Each season has its own thing going for it, but I love the colors and smells of fall.

Photos taken with:
iPhone SE (old shots taken with iPhone 5c) and Nikon D90.

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