We have enjoyed great success with the Portside Pass in 2019.

To join for 2020 please fill out our application here.

We continue to hear good feedback from both our member businesses and Portside Pass customers. Locals are using the pass again and again all year long; tourists purchase them for their trip to Duluth; many are being sent as gifts for friends and family.

2020 Portside Pass

As the seasons change and the year closes we are looking ahead to the upcoming 2020 Portside Pass. We are excited to expand our program and help you gain marketing exposure to our audience of thousands.

The 2020 Portside Pass will continue to be an annual rewards and loyalty discount program. Shoppers will purchase a specially-designed keychain and will present it at participating businesses. We can’t give away all the details yet, but the 2020 keychains are made from wood and offered to you at a reduced wholesale cost.

The basis of the shopper “reward” earned by flashing the keychain at checkout will continue for 2020. Retail price stays the same at $20 per keychain (no tax). Reward offers can be changed by member businesses periodically.

New for 2020
-Targeted email and mobile marketing at least monthly to our keychain holders featuring member business reward and photo; highlight two events (or event series) that month. 
-Monthly giveaway promotion to our audiences featuring your business/prize at no cost to you.
-Updated counter signage to showcase you are a Portside Pass member business; additional signage if you sell keychains.
-Short URL and QR Code on signage to access current deals and promotions.
-Reach our niche audience on a regular basis. Tag us in your Instagram stories to be reshared.

What benefits do you get as a participating local business?

  • Featured business listing on our website with photo and messaging of your choosing
  • Purchase Portside Pass keychains at cost and resell to your customers for $20
  • Choose your own reward, and be able to update once per month 
  • Highlighted on Instagram and Facebook once you join with information about your business and the reward currently offered
  • Frequent social media and email promotions throughout the year
  • Regular features on our Instagram Stories (we currently have 13.8K followers)

Already have a separate rewards program and worried that this will be confusing? Don’t be! Our system isn’t based on points; the rewards will be selected by you to best fit with your company. 

The Portside Pass rewards program will allow you to reach a wider audience through our social network and the networks of other participating local businesses! Duluth Loves Local has an audience of nearly 22,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram, and our posts reach hundreds of thousands of locals and tourists each year.

The best part of the Portside Pass is that it encourages locals and tourists alike to try local places they haven’t been to before, putting their hard-earned money back into our local economy and into businesses like yours. By offering a small reward through Duluth Loves Local, you will be promoted to our audiences and highlighted as a local business that gives back to our community. It’s a win-win-win!

Please fill out our application here.

Have any additional questions? Email your questions and we will get them answered asap | hello(at)duluthloveslocal.com!