Get To Know Local Outdoor Fitness Company: E3 Twin Ports, LLC

E3 Twin Ports, LLC

Taking advantage of the great weather in Duluth we went out with Jodi, owner of E3 Twin Ports, to explore Kingsbury Creek up to the Superior Hiking Trail! Jodi took us to a location none of us had been to in West Duluth and guided us through the hike. Once we were ready for a break Jodi had us stand in a circle to go over things we can do in our daily life to have happier and healthier lives. This included actions inspired by TED talks like snaps, hugs and cheering that left us feeling refreshed. Scroll down to learn more about Jodi and E3 Twin Ports.

Here are some of our thoughts once we ended the hike:


Great concept to get people out to see what this city has to offer. The mixture of hiking and conversation along with the lesson was great!

I really enjoyed this experience. I think it’s important for people to get outside and socialize to get a break from social media and technology. It was really refreshing!

I loved the welcome atmosphere that Jodi created for all the participants. She really took the time to get everyone involved. I thought it was going to be just a hike but I loved the educational aspect!

I’ve never hiked in West Duluth – I was surprised to see how much it has to offer!


How long have you been in business? 10 months


How did you get started? I am absolutely passionate about healthy lifestyle habits, educating people, and outdoor recreation and fitness. The job that I was passionate about was not here in Duluth. I had a number of temporary part-time positions related to my passions, but the work environments, lack of benefits, low pay, and lack of commitment by the employer was not stable or healthy for my family. I am worth more respect than that, and have more to offer than I was able to in these other temporary positions. I have a lot of knowledge and passion to share and offer, and am passionate about teaching people about the science of healthy lifestyles. I want to make a positive impact in my community, and I feel I can do this by being creative in my programming to help our community lead healthy, happy, and meaningful lives, in a FUN environment. My personality is to jump in and learn by doing, so that is just what I did. Teaching by doing is powerful, that is why our education happens while doing physical activity, and participating in fun activities.


Why did you choose Duluth? Duluth and the surrounding area has dozens of amazing outdoor recreation opportunities. Duluth is also a great gateway to the Range and the Boundary Waters. E3 Twin Ports, LLC plans to begin hosting retreats this winter and next summer in both areas. If you are interested, please inquire. We are happy to keep you informed.


What is one thing your business is primarily known for? Educating clients on healthy lifestyle habits while participating in fun, active activities.


What is your favorite thing about Duluth? Every neighborhood has access to fantastic green space, and research has shown that to be a key to long-term health.


What do you think about the current Duluth economy? I believe it is still struggling, but am feeling hopeful that citizens will see the value in taking classes on healthy lifestyles so they can enjoy youthful aging. It is never too early to begin thinking about a healthy retirement.


What would be your advice to someone thinking about opening a new business in Duluth? Begin networking about your business idea long before opening up.


Favorite place to eat? Randy’s kitchen. My husband is an amazing chef, and he creates beautiful and delicious meals.


Favorite local business in Duluth? Duluth Pack and the Snooty Fox Tea

Favorite Duluth “hidden gem”? The Western Waterfront Trail

E3 Twin Ports, LLC Fall Programs can be found at:
They have two programs currently open for registration, Simply Hiking (Beginner Fitness Level) and Bike, Hike, Learn (Intermediate Fitness Level).