Duluth Loves Local Spotlight – Mainstream Fashions for Men

We got together with Old Saw Media to create videos of some of our favorite local businesses. These local spotlight videos were created to show locals and tourists alike what makes each local business unique and special in Duluth, MN. Shopping local means supporting your friends and neighbors, and helps keep our money in the local economy, what’s better than that?

Our second spotlight is on Mainstream Fashions for Men. They have been in business downtown for 24 years and have that true small town feel that we love. Everyone who walks in is treated like an old friend and will receive great, friendly customer service. Next time you need a new tie or suit we highly recommend you stop by Mainstream before heading up to the mall!


Read below to learn more about the owners of Mainstream Fashions for Men.

Business Name: Mainstream Fashions for Men

Owners: Ben Mork & Tom Henderson

Years in business: 24

Location: 206 W. Superior St. Downtown Duluth

Hours: Monday – Thursday 9-6. Friday 9-530. Saturday 9-4. Closed on Sundays

Known for: Unique, high quality menswear

How the business started: Original owners of Mainstream had been the in men’s industry for years and decided to take a gamble and open their own store, it paid off!

Future plans for the business: Expansion! The rest is a secret…

Favorite thing about business location: Central location in Downtown Duluth. Easy access for our out of town customers. Easy Skywalk access for our downtown regulars

Why Duluth for business location: Duluth is a town with extreme character and limitless potential. This city will continue to grow and flourish and I look forward to being a part of it!

Why Duluth for you personally: I come from a very small town in Southwest Minnesota. I knew my neighbors growing up, I like that Duluth has that same “down home” feel. Though nearly 100,000 people call it home, it has not lost its small town appeal

Favorite memory/story: I grew up in Lakeside, my family would spend many spring, summer and falls days at Brighton Beach skipping rocks and grilling, those are my favorite memories!

Favorite local business in Duluth and why: The list is far too long!! As a small business owner, you will only see me in local businesses. I can’t choose a favorite!

Thoughts on Duluth economy: I see no reason our upswing will stop anytime soon!

Working with Old Saw Media: Easy! Straightforward and pleasant!

Thoughts on Duluth Loves Local: I’ve been around DLL since the beginning, I’ve seen the growth and the attention they have brought to local businesses. I can tell you they are an invaluable resource for local business owners and for those who want to support businesses and are actually local!

Anything else you want to share with Duluth? You guys rock! Thank you for the years of support! We look forward to serving you in the years to come!