Duluth Loves Local Spotlight – Duluth Homebrew Supply

We got together with Old Saw Media to create videos of some of our favorite local businesses. These local spotlight videos were created to show locals and tourists alike what makes each local business unique and special in Duluth, MN. Shopping local means supporting your friends and neighbors, and helps keep our money in the local economy, what’s better than that?

This spotlight features the best place to go when you are looking to brew something delicious at home – Duluth Homebrew Supply! Katie and Kelly have a passion for homebrewing and they don’t limit it to just beer. Head into their shop and you will find products to brew beer, wine, cider, kombucha and cheese! They are located in the Fitger’s building and have been opened a little more than a year. If you haven’t been in yet now is the time. In addition to home brew supplies they also carry our drink local shirts and are the only place in town to find our very special drink local flannels! Scroll down to learn more about the owners of this great local business.

Business Name: Duluth Homebrew Supply

Owners: Katie Hagglund & Kelly Katoski

Years in business: 1 year

Location: 600 East Superior Street (Inside the Fitger’s Complex)

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm, Sunday 11am-5pm

Known for: The Northland’s largest inventory of equipment and ingredients for beer, wine, cider, kombucha, and cheese.

How the business started: We started Duluth Homebrew Supply on the principle that making great beer is a key to building great relationships. We exist to make the craft of brewing open to all.

Future plans for the business: Continuing to expand the store inventory with locally resourced items; including adding additional local brewery “clone kits”.

Favorite thing about business location: Fitger’s was built to brew beer, we couldn’t have possibly found a more perfect location for our business. The building is a true testament to the rich brew culture that exists in the Northland. (And the view’s not bad either!)

Why Duluth for business location: This community is so supportive of locally owned, small businesses. We are so proud to be a part of it that we chose to honor it in our business name.

Why Duluth for you personally: There’s TRULY no place like home.

Favorite memory/story: We’ll never forget the night of our grand opening. The store was filled to the max, and the support that we felt that night was indescribable; It’s a very humbling feeling having so many people rooting for your success!

Favorite local business in Duluth and why: We could never pick just one. It’s an incredible risk to open your own business, and those that are crazy enough to do so, and to work hard enough to succeed deserve equal recognition!

Thoughts on Duluth economy: We believe Duluth continues to head in a great direction. The growth and development both “up on the hill” and downtown is exciting to see. The business community has been fortunate enough to be in good hands, first with Mayor Ness, and now Mayor Larson.

Working with Old Saw Media: Old Saw Media was great! Super professional, accommodating, and most importantly fun!

Thoughts on Duluth Loves Local: We love us some Duluth Loves Local. Such an important company in the Northland. We have nothing but gratitude for the help they have given us in promoting our growing business.

Anything else you want to share with Duluth? Feel free to stop by, say hi, and see what’s brewing.