Summer Makeup Essentials by BB Makeup Duluth

Whether or not you can feel it, summer is right around the corner, and the changing of the seasons means you need to start swapping out winter makeup for the summer essentials.

Less is more during the hot, humid days of summer! Apply a BB Cream which offers both a lighter coverage and super sarticle pic1kin benefits. With ingredients like aloe vera and cucumber extracts, your skin can breathe at the same time as soothing it. If you just can’t give up your holy grail foundation, you can mix it with your favorite facial moisturizer (preferably one with SPF) to get more coverage and protection from UV rays. To set your makeup, apply a dusting of either pressed or loose powder which will help it last all throughout the day.

Bronzer is an important tool for contouring your face and complementing a tan. If you have oily skin, go for a matte bronzer (you don’t want to add extra shine). On the other hand, if you have normal to dry skin, opt for a bronzer with some glitter; this will enhance dull skin. Lightly dust on a coral or peach toned blush to highlight cheekbones.

When it comes to your eyes, any color works, but make sure you use a primer for eyeshadow.This will prevent creasing, keep your shadow where it supposed to be, and intensify pigments. Gel liner is the best way to define your eyes in the summer because it is a cream-based product. The same rule applies to liner as with foundation to make it last: set it with a matte black or dark eyeshadow so it stays in place all day long. Choose a black mascara that is water resistant to prevent the classic “raccoon eye” after a dip in the lake!

As for lips, make sure to apply a lip balm that contains SPF before heading out for a day in the sun. Finish with a quick swipe of lip gloss in your favorite color and you’re good to go!

For more tips and tricks for your summer makeup routine, visit BB Makeup Cosmetic Bar in Duluth, MN! We offer makeup applications, lessons, bridal makeup, airbrush makeup, eyelash extensions, and more.

Written by: Haley Hedstrom, BB Makeup Duluth