Enger Tower and Park

Are you looking for a great place to get a panoramic view of Duluth? Look no further than Enger Tower! Enger Tower is located on top of Enger Hill (that makes sense eh?) it is a 5 story blue stone observation tower that sits at an elevation of 451 feet above Lake Superior.

The tower was built in 1939 and was dedicate to Bert Enger, a furniture dealer from Norway who donated part of his estate to Duluth. The two-thirds of his estate that he donated to Duluth became Enger Hill which include Enger Tower, the surrounding park and the Enger Golf Course.

While you might go to Enger Hill for the view you will also want to take time to walk around the park. There are beautiful trees, perennials, daffodils and wildlife all around the park that are family friendly and very picturesque.

To find out more information about Enger Tower check out their website and Facebook page.