Get To Know Local Leather and Canvas Bag Makers: Duluth Pack

The Brains Behind Duluth Pack
You’ve seen the signature patch. You’ve probably even bragged about having yours since before you could remember. Now, get to know the people behind Duluth Pack, the oldest canvas and leather bag making company in the U.S.


Meet Tom Sega, owner of Duluth Pack

Headquartered at 1610 W. Superior St. in Duluth
Retail Store at 365 Canal Park Drive in Duluth


How did you get started?
Camille Poirier founded the company in 1882 to meet the needs of the timber and mining industry. The original patent for the Camille Pack was on December 12, 1882.

I came into the Duluth Pack company in 2007. I loved the product and knew the company could meet the needs of a growing customer base seeking high-quality Made in America products. Duluth Pack is the oldest bag making company in the USA.


Why did you choose Duluth?
Duluth Pack has been located in Duluth since 1882.(For comparison, Duluth was incorporated as a city in 1878 so this is a pretty big deal).


What is one thing your business is primarily known for?
For one, the materials: quality leather, canvas, and wool. Our products range from luggage, portfolios, bags, and packs — all made in Duluth, Minnesota. Plus, they come with a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship and hardware.

What is your favorite thing about Duluth?
It’s a city with a small town feel but offers much greater opportunities, more than a small town may.

What do you think about the current Duluth economy?
With the service industry being so great in the last several years, it has been a positive for the city. Duluth hasstarted to focus more on industry and manufacturing, as well as high technological jobs, to attract all levels of employment and meet the needs of a growing city.

What would be your advice to someone thinking about opening a new business in Duluth?
First, make sure that a market for your product exists. Then, surround yourself with the best employees you can. Understand that difficult days will present themselves, but with a good plan and model that you can stick to, success will come.

And now, for the fun stuff.

Favorite place to eat in Duluth:
Taste of Saigon


Favorite local business in Duluth:
Marine General Supply


Favorite “hidden gem” in Duluth:
My favorite hidden gem is that I can go almost anywhere to find peace and quiet and serenity. Geographically, my “hidden” gem isn’t so hidden. The largest freshwater body of water surrounds us and I do not take it for granted.I appreciate and take it for what it is, which is a worldly landmark.