Duluth’s Best Bread is Worth Fighting Over

What’s the recipe for an amazing video?

Start with three local hip hop artists. Add in a black belt karate instructor from Superior, two Duluth theater people, and the co-producer of Old Lifty. Season with a mob of volunteers–and mix liberally with an audience that truly care about local food.

This video is more than just kicks to the head. We’re using it as a funny way to talk about a serious issue–namely the dangers of industrialized food and the importance of buying local.

We both grew up in Duluth and are proud to be part of the up and coming Lincoln Park neighborhood. Our bread is made of only four ingredients–flour, water, salt, and wild yeast, and baked with high heat and high moisture for a true crust and a dense, chewy interior. Buying locally is an important way to support the community and builds trust between the people involved. If you ever have a problem with our bread or want to know more about it you can ask us directly. That’s something you can’t do with the factory-made stuff.

A little more background on the players involved. My brother Michael learned to fight at Mattevi’s in Superior and Evan (the bad guy) is the technical director at the Renegade Theater. The song in the background is from three local hip-hop artists: Definitive Rhyme Syndicate, Bliss, and Jaze. Tom Livingston, co-founder of Destination Duluth and one of the directors of local comedy Old Lifty, directed it. From the businesses involved to the mob of volunteers at the end, this is a really cool reflection of local talent and we’re proud to be part of it.