Duluth Kids Club

Over the weekend we were invited to the Duluth Edgewater Hotel and Waterpark for a Duluth Kids Club Luau! In-between water slide rides and pool games, we sat down with Brandi Worthing, founder of the club, to learn more about the organization.

Duluth Kids Club set out to help connect families with local family-friendly events happening in Duluth throughout the year. A parent herself, Brandi saw an opportunity after spending hours researching kid-friendly events happening around the city. She became frustrated, especially when she found activities too late, after they happened. 

So, she launched Duluth Kids Club on Facebook and created the www.duluthkidsclub.org website to help parents easily find activities and events for their children. In addition to sharing events that are happening around the city, Duluth Kids Club works with local businesses to host events that help make their attractions affordable to the local community. 

Most events are hosted during the colder winter months as a way to keep kids of all ages active. Duluth Kids Club has already established partnerships with the Duluth Children’s Museum, Great Lakes Aquarium, Edgewater Hotel and Waterpark and the Duluth Depot. Duluth Kids Club held a 2016 Valentine’s Day event at Clyde Iron Works.

Brandi says affordability is a major component of Duluth Kids Club events. In addition to low event costs, the non-profit organization also gives away tickets on their Facebook page and to other area non-profits like Mentor Duluth. This empowers families to join in the fun who may not otherwise be able to attend.

If you are looking for family-friendly events in the Duluth area, be sure to check out Duluth Kids Club on Facebook or on their website www.duluthkidsclub.org.